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JB And The Big Circle Riders
High Octane Country/Rock
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JB and The Big Circle Riders coalesced in the late summer of 2013 with the shared vision of entertaining audiences far and wide with their high energy brand of country/rock music.  
  Collectively the members of JB and The Big Circle Riders have a whole heap of experience playing music in all types and sizes of venues.  
  Folks are certain to delight in hearing Jack Brand's powerful, rich, twangy, vocals and acoustic guitar strumming, meshed with Mike Parson's unbelievably versatile guitar prowess, against a back drop of the rock steady country rhythm section provided by Eric Greenberg and Hector Quintanilla.
 JB and The Big Circle Riders have posse'd up to play crowd pleasing covers of some of the best country songs ever written as well as a CD's worth of well crafted original tunes by request.
Now put that in yer pipe and smoke it. 

About the "Riders"
        Jack Brand
    Lead Vocals/guitar
Mike Parsons
Lead Guitar/vocals
 Eric Greenberg
Hector Quintanilla