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JB Flyin Solo
Welcome to JB Flyin Solo!
Armed with my voice and an acoustic guitar I can sing and strum contemporary and classic country songs as well as several pop standards for any event whether it be your club venue, corporate, or private event.
 I can offer entertaining live in person performances or online streaming shows. With respect to private shows, I can perform for you a private custom house/living room concert (live or streaming) whereby you choose the songs that you would like to hear from my playlist, either cover tunes or original songs. Live streaming shows run from one half hour to two hours.

Private streaming rates are currently as follows:
Custom 1/2 hour.......$40.00
Custom 1 hour..........$60.00
Custom 2 hour..........$100.00

Private in person show rates are negotiated by request: (818) 572 5051

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